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If you think the bus driving job is difficult, someone lied to you. It's one of the easiest and calmest jobs I've done in my life. Imagine that you are paid a decent salary just for driving around in cercles with your own car! Just that. You call me whatever you want, but a bus is just like a normal car, well a big one yeah, but still, the same steering wheel, the same pedals, automatic gear box and about 100 people on a back seat, so what ? I never care how many are there. I love it. No boss over your shoulder. You are the master in your own bus. And if you think the people are creasy and jumping on you all the time, you need to watch less horror movies. It's just not true. If you are not creasy maniac yourself, nobody will drive you creasy. If you a good driver in general, it's best job ever and the easiest. But I wish it was at least 500 € more per month.
Points positifs
You end up becoming a really good driver
Points négatifs
You need to be a really good driver to begin with
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